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Simple, Complete Church Management Software Solution
Thunder Software has released ChurchDB version 4.3, an affordable Windows application that makes it easy for church staff and volunteers to create and maintain records for families and family members, students, ministries, events, classes, small groups, and giving.
Using intuitive data entry screens and reports, ChurchDB lets you add and maintain data easily. You can keep track of members' personal information, their attendance and membership in various classes and groups, participation in ministry activities and contributions. The program lets you track each member's special talents and abilities, making it possible to identify and recruit the right individuals to fill key positions in your church's ministries.
The program's built-in rich text editor and mail-merge capabilities make it easy to create custom personalized correspondence. The program interface is completely customizable, and unused program modules can be temporarily turned off if they're not needed. Version 4.3 has incorporated e-mail functionality allowing you to send a note to a filtered group or just a single recipient through automation with your existing MAPI compliant e-mail program.
It's easy to browse data on the screen, or print any of the built-in reports. Using simple filtering techniques, you can select those individuals or ministries that you wish to review, then sort the information in the order that works best for you. ChurchDB lets you create mailing labels and name tags for any class or group. ChurchDB contains extras such as the ability to create and maintain a catalog of sermons and past teachings, and even print the audio and video tape labels. With ChurchDB you can import family photos so you can publish your own family photo directory. All of ChurchDB's databases include security protection, ensuring that only authorized people may access the information.
Power users will appreciate ChurchDB's built-in Structured Query Language (SQL) capabilities, allowing you to pinpoint any information in the database. There is even a short SQL tutorial and sample queries to get you started. The data extracted from SQL inquiries can be easily exported to your spreadsheet or database, or to an HTML file to publish on your church's web site.
If you're thinking about converting your church records to a full-featured database application, ChurchDB's simplicity and price make it a worthy choice.
ChurchDB runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Vista, costs $249 (US) (cost is waived for churches and other christian ministries), and may be purchased securely online at The program includes all of the church maintenance modules, and there are never any additional charges as your congregation grows. You can download a free, fully-functional trial version of ChurchDB from the same Internet address.
Organizations with fifty or fewer families are welcome to continue using the trial version indefinitely. For more information, contact Thunder Software, 133 Colonial Woods Dr, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050. Phone: (614) 517-2949. Email: media @
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