ChurchDB Features

Sample Screenshots

  • Want to see all of the screenshots of ChurchDB before you download, just click here to visit our on-line user guide.

Unlimited Number of Families and Family Members with the UnLimited Edition

  • No need to worry about growing your database and incurring additional licensing fees based upon number of records
  • No need to spend more on purchasing additional modules
  • Everything you see here is available right out of the box! Including the Limited Edition!

Family Member Tracking

  • Student Info
  • Small Group tracking
  • Ministry Tracking
  • Class Tracking
  • Special Event Tracking
  • Misc Tracking
  • Giving
  • Member History
  • Notes
  • S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual gifting / Heart / Abilities / Personality / Experiences)

E-Mail from ChurchDB

  • E-Mail from the individual edit tab under Families or Individuals
  • E-Mail from any of the group modules (student; small group; ministry; classes; events; giving)
  • E-Mail from the labels and letters module using any of the filter criteria.

You control the items that appear in the drop down lists for the following items via Code Table Maintenance

  • Attendee Types
  • Age Group
  • Classes
  • Class History
  • Day Of Week
  • Events
  • Event Categories
  • Giving Funds
  • Group types
  • Marital Status
  • Member History Types
  • Ministries
  • Misc Individual Types
  • Role Types
  • Roles
  • S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual gifting / Heart / Abilities / Personality / Experiences)
  • Small Groups
  • Student Item Types
  • Tracking Categories

Write, save and run your own SQL Queries

  • Use Structured Query Language to query the database to extract the data you want to see, then export it to Excel, 123, CSF, dBase or directly into an HTML table to display on your church web site. Not sure about writing your own queries? ChurchDB comes with a built in SQL Tutorial designed just for beginners. Click here to take a look.

Labels, Letters and Mail Merge

  • Filter family or individual data to produce mailing lables, nametags, individual reports or snapshot reports. The snapshot report is used to bring together personal information for the primary purpose of membership development. Use the Labels & Letter screen to produce your church membership directory or to perform a mail merge using your own customized letters.

Letter Editor

  • Develop and save your own customized letters using the built in letter editor to merge with the results from the Labels and Letters window.

Tape Library

  • Catalog your sermons for reference, catalog printing or to produce audio or video cassette labels

Family Photo Directory

  • Why bring in an outside agency to create your full color Photo Membership Directory? With ChurchDB and a digital camera or scanner, creating your own photo directory is a snap! To print the photo directory choose Membership Directory on the Labels & Letters screen, you will be prompted to see if you want to merge the directory with the family photo database, answer yes to print the photo directory, answer no to print the membership directory with no photos.

Windows Help

  • Full featured and cross referenced windows help makes finding out the how-to's simple.

  • Want to take a peek? Click here to open up the on-line user manual, or click the support link along the side at anytime for more details.

Security Module

  • Provide access to only those individuals you want to. ChurchDB comes with a security module to setup and maintain user id's and permissions (Access, Administration, SQL Query, Giving). Click here to open up the on-line security manual, or click the support link along the side at anytime for more details.

Windows™ Standards

  • Built using Windows™ standards for a simple, standard, intuitive user interface.
  • Convenient use of drag & drop editing where applicable.

Customize Look and Feel

  • Customize the look and feel of the application, turn off modules you do not wish to utilize at this time.


  • Family purge capability at the administrative level to perform mass deletes based upon attendee type and first visit date.

Member History

  • Track individual member history changes. Some member changes are tracked for you automatically, for instance when their attendee type changes, when their first visit date is populated or changed, saved date and baptized date.

Individual Snapshot

  • The individual snapshot report is a good tool to use to track how people are progressing and getting connected. It takes a snapshot of all the events, classes, ministries, small groups and member history plus notes and assembles them into a single report. The snapshot report is one of the options available from the Labels & Letters screen.

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