Church Management Software - ChurchDB Overview

ChurchDB is affordable Windows™ software that simplifies the management and maintenance of church record keeping as it relates to families and family members to track participation and progress in ministries, small groups, events, classes, giving and more. Visit our features page for a complete list. ChurchDB allows you to create your own letters using its own built in editor and perform mail merges using a broad range of filtering capabilities.

Keep your membership directories up to date and even export them to an HTML file so you can post on your church web site. And if you choose, you can create a photo membership directory that utilizes your existing Windows Paint™ program.

With ChurchDB you can create mailing labels and nametags as well as audio/video tape labels. Sending e-mail utilizes your existing mapi compliant mail software such as outlook, eudora and others. It even comes with built in freeform query functionality allowing you to create and save your own queries using Structured Query Language (SQL). If you aren't familiar with SQL don't worry, ChurchDB comes with a short SQL Tutorial and we even provide you with some sample queries to get you started.

ChurchDB is not sold through stores, it is only available through the internet and from our independent sales representatives. If you are ready to give ChurchDB a try, please visit our free download page. There you can download the full version of ChurchDB where you can store information on up to fifty families. Then once you've seen how easy it is to setup and use you can stop back to upgrade to the UnLimited Edition. Visit our FAQ page for information on free upgrades for churches and christian ministries.

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