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Churches are invited to upgrade to the UnLimited Edition at no charge. Simply complete the information on our free upgrade for churches form.
While ChurchDB was written specifically with churches in mind, we recognize that other clubs and groups are using portions of the program to meet their specific needs, such as for creating photo directories and custom mailings. Non-church users may opt to purchase a registration code which upgrades the free download version to the UnLimited Edition. The price for the ChurchDB registration is $249 (US).

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All orders are for the English language product only and are subject to the terms of the ChurchDB License Agreement.
ChurchDB is not sold through stores, it is only available through the internet and from our independent sales representatives.
Before you buy, we encourage you to first download the Limited Edition of ChurchDB to see for yourself, how fast and simple ChurchDB is to setup and begin using. The Limited Edition provides you with all of the functionality in the UnLimited Edition, the only limitation is that there is a maximum of fifty families that you can work with.
Once you've used the Limited Edition then stop back to purchase the UnLimited Edition. No need to worry about the data that you've already stored, when you purchase the UnLimited Edition you are purchasing a key that will unlock the fifty family limitation. And if at this time you do not need the benefits that come with the UnLimited Edition then continue using the Limited Edition with our blessing. When you're ready to upgrade we'll be here.

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