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The Users tab displays a list of all clients with login ids. An edit control provides the ability to search and scroll to the desired row by typing the first few characters of the record you are searching for. The column used to search is controlled by the column the data is sequenced by. Once a row is highlighted the administrator may modify it, assign privileges or view the groups that the id has already been assigned to.


Adding A User

When a new user id is created it automatically gets assigned a Access privilege and has a new default password of six 9s (999999). The first time the user logs in with their id they will be prompted to change their password.


Deleting A User

To delete a user highlight the user on the users tab and press the Delete button, when the Modify User window appears pres the OK button. Be careful that you do not remove all of the users from having access to the application. If this happens contact support.

Modifying A User

While all of the fields may be visible on the Modify User screen only the User Name may be altered (User Name is editable when a new user is added).

Resetting A Password

An administrator can press the Reset Password button will allow the password to be reset to the default password of six 9s (999999)

Maintaining User Privileges

Clicking the User Privilege button on the User Tab opens the user privilege maintenance window. Privileges may be added or removed for an individual user id. A number of methods may be used to move an available privilege to a user or a user privilege to an available privilege. You can highlight the privilege and press the appropriate button to move it, highlight the privilege and doubleclick it or highlight and move it to the appropriate box using drag and drop.


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