Labels & Letters

The Labels & Letters window is where to go if you want to produce nametags, mailing labels, individual and membership directories, letters and certain reports.

The first step is to select a recipient group by clicking one of the radio buttons. Once selected the appropriate filtering controls that are specific for the grroup will become visible. Some of the filtering controls are Attendee Type; Age Group; Sex; Birth Date; First Visit Date and Family Tracking Category.

The output is based upon the type selected in the drop down list, for example Mailing Labels, Name Tags, Individual Directory, etc. or you can choose to click the button to perform a mail merge with the custom letters you have created. The header edit field can be used to customize nametags by event.

Next select the sort sequence you would like the output sorted in, alpha or by zip code.

Once your criteria is defined click the Find button to query ChurchDB, then load the appropriate forms or letterhead in your printer and click the Print button.

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Letter Maintenance