FreeForm Query

The FreeForm Query module is available to use to create custom queries and reports or file extracts using standard Structured Query Language (SQL).

the toolbar buttons along the left you can list, save, delete and run queries. Click the Column List button to display a list of tables in the database. Click one of the tables and it will display the list of columns contained in the table.

Press the Export button to export the data in a number of different formats including Excel, Comma Separated, Text and more.

DataBase Schema or Model can be viewed from this module as well as a SQL Tutorial to get you started creating your own queries.

An alternate approach to extracting data from ChurchDB is to use an ODBC compatible tool such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc. The read only login id and password to connect via ODBC is info & revelation. For more information on connecting to an ODBC datasource please refer to Microsoft Windows Help.